Abstracts of published papers

Boháč,J., Šrubař,V., Matějka,K., Šťastný,J. (2006): The impact of tourism and landscape management in the Šumava National Park and the Šumava Landscape Protected Area on the epigeic beetle communities

Ekológia (Bratislava), 25(Supplement 3/2006): 41-52.

The effect of tourism and various landscape management on the beetle communities were investigated using pitfall trapping in the montane area of the Central Europe (Šumava National Park and Landscape Protected Area). The pitfall traps were arranged on plots on the left and right side of the Lipno reservoir with the different anthropogenic pressure - the higher man pressure was traditionally on the left side of the Lipno reservoir. Beetle communities of the Norway spruce forest, ski trail, golf course, cultural meadow, parking plot, dam shore and the wetland were studied. The number of species discovered by pitfall trapping was lowest on the plots strongly affected by human activities (golf course and parking place). The skiing had no negative effect on epigeic beetles. Some species typical for open biotopes migrated to the ski trail and the forest species present at the edge of the forest and ski slope. The community structure of the spruce forest, reservoir shores and cultural meadows on both sides of the Lipno reservoir was very similar on both touristic frequented and ununvisited sides of the Lipno reservoir recreation area. Strong human pressure on the biotopes (golf course and parking place) resulted in the extinction of stenotopic and hygrophilous species. The percentage of polyphagous species increased in these biotopes. The main factors affecting the beetle communities were the regular and intensive management activities in the golf course and parking plot (cutting, irrigation, herbicide application, fragmentation and trammling).

Key words: epigeic beetles, communities, tourism, landscape management, Šumava National Park, Landscape Protected Area, southern Bohemia