Abstracts of published papers

Svoboda,M., Kopáček, J., Matejka, K., Podrázský, V., Sládková, L. (2006): Carbon pools in mountain norway spruce ecosystem in the bohemian forest (Czech Republic)

Lesnícky Časopis - Forestry Journal, 52(1-2): 79-87.

Human activity have influenced in many ways the state and function of forest ecosystems. There are many studies focusing on the growth, biomass and carbon stocks of forest ecosystem under different environmental conditions. The very current issue is a possible impact of altered growth of the trees, induced by nitrogen deposition, on carbon accounting. However, there are not so many studies dealing with methodological aspects of carbon stocks assessment or carbon stocks in other parts of forest ecosystem (e.g., ground vegetation).
In this paper we present a detailed analysis of carbon content in different parts of tree biomass (Picea abies). We have sampled aboveground and underground biomass (roots, bole, bark, foliage, and branches) of six trees in two watersheds (Plešné (PL) and Čertovo (CT) Lakes) in the Bohemian Forest (the Czech Republic) and analysed them for carbon concentrations. In addition, four of these analysed for carbon concentrations in the tree rings, sectioned by decades.
In the second part of the study we present analysis of carbon concentration in ground vegetation in the mountain spruce stands of the PL and CT watersheds. We have sampled the main species of ground vegetation (Calamagrostis villosa, Vaccinium myrtillus, Avenella flexulosa, Luzula sylvatica, Athyrium alpestre), estimated their biomass, and determined the carbon concentrations.

Key words: carbon, biomass, trees, ground vegetation, Picea abies, Calamagrostis villosa, Vaccinium myrtillus, Avenella flexulosa, Luzula sylvatica, Athyrium alpestre