The workshop under the name "Investigation of mountain forest ecosystems and of forest damage in the Czech Republic" was held on 17th and 18th March, 1992 in South Bohemia. It was aimed at topics of forests in mountain and submountain areas and of several correlative problems. Subjects of the meeting concerned into topics (1) structure and production of tree layer in forest, (2) herb layer and its bioindication importance, (3) soil, soil biology, water and nutrients in forest ecosystems, (4) forest decline, damage of trees, (5) air pollution and its impact to forests, (6) cultivation and restoration of damaged forests.

There were two reasons for realisation of the workshop, low level of co-ordination of research projects in the Czech republic (high number of these projects is illustrated by list of ones sponsored by the Ministry of Environment, see pages 8 and 9), and insufficient reciprocal information about realising projects.

On the opening of the meeting, a short analysis of the literature about forests of temperate zone was given (see figure in page 2). A requirement of the whole-ecosystem investigation as an interdisciplinary co-operation was demonstrated. Some neglected problems were mentioned: (*) necessity of connection of forestry approach and biological approach, (*) necessity of knowledge of some basic features about forest (biometric characteristics of tree layer, density of trees, silvicultural interventions and others), (*) necessity of goal-seeking collection of data directed to the solution of the questions.

Mr. Štursa informed about co-ordination initiatives of the working group in the National Park Krkonoše Mts. (see page 10). Mr. Slodičák aimed at information about situation in forestry research (page 86). The monitoring projects are very valuable. The "International co-operative programme on assessment and monitoring of air pollution effects on forests" is of a great importance. Its co-ordination centre (centre East) is allocated to Forestry and Game Management Research Institute Jiloviště - Strnady near Prague. In these days, the programme "Basal monitoring of soils of the Czech Republic" (sponsored by Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic) starts. It involves forest soils, too. The first target for all ecological investigations in forests is the forming of network of research plots in whole area of the republic.

In. K. Matějka [Ed.], Studium horských lesních ekosystémů a jejich poškození v České republice, pp. 140.

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